Remembering you

When we first met you made a big impression on me. Your stunning personality, the way you dealt with people from any place in the world, the elegance that only you radiated.

You introduced me lots of people, you even encountered me with old friends. You showed me your alternative side in Camden Town, between its shops and Proud, with its odd people, its romantic and decadent atmosphere. I got to know your more classic and sophisticated face in the streets of Westminster, with the Big Ben on one side and Trafalgar Square on the other, surrounded by tourists who never stopped to admire you. I started to grow fond of you while staring at the skyline from Primrose Hill and visiting Tower Bridge, and it was in Kensington where you showed me your secret place.


But not always we used to get on well with each other. There were days I didn’t know what to expect from you, days when you used to show me your coldest and darkest side, making me feel like a stranger among the crowd. Days when I didn’t know who I was and what I was doing there, when the sunlight was no more than a mere memory of what I left behind.

However, I knew how to bring out the best in you. Discovering a new corner every day, walking while I listened all kind of languages and sitting and stare at the Thames became my favorites sports. Small things like getting to the second floor of your red buses and going all over from top to bottom, living surreal moments and meeting people in the most unexpected way. Your magnetism was wrapping me gently and I was carried along, as a summer love you know that soon you’ll have to say goodbye.

Londres3 Londres5

I learned to make loneliness my ally and to feel free, to create my own space among residential streets and multicultural neighbours in Hackney. To start to become the person I want to get to be, in one of my walks from Shoreditch to Dalston. I found out how easy is to miss someone and how difficult it is to express it, while I was walking through Springfield Park, and I found out that you need little time to grow fond of someone while I was ordering the second pint in a pub located in Leicester Square.

And now I admit that a part of me stayed there, that a piece of that city has returned with me and it belongs to me, as I belong to it.

That I miss you more than ever.

That is why, London, I know you and me will meet again.

Silvia Resola.

Londres4 IMG_1534(pic)

   P.S.: Corrections are welcome! 😉

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